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Authentic8 performing on Broadway (sort of)



While we're still looking for backers for our production of the world's first musical about a misunderstood InfoSec professional who lives in the drop-ceiling of a datacenter, we are heading to the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square as a sponsor of Collabity's Data, Cloud & Disruptive Technologies event on July 28th.

One of our users asked if we'd participate in this event, which brings together IT executives from a variety of industries, including: higher education, state and federal government, legal, healthcare, and real estate. When our customers speak, we listen.

A growing concern of IT managers is unfettered access to the Web. With the rise of web apps and cloud services, the browser has become the single most important application used by businesses today. But that same browser is based on technology that's decades old. Even if users are running the latest version of their local browser, they are still vulnerable to attacks via the OS or network or plug-ins.