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Customer Spotlight: PCGCampbell


PCGCampbell is an established, 30 year-old integrated services organization. They offer a full suite of in-house services to clients, including creative, marketing programs, interactive media, market research, call center and IT support services. Their clients span a number of industries, especially in the automotive sector.

Being based in Detroit, gives them enlightening insight into automotive markets, whether businesses are trying to expand their reach or introduce new products.

"We learned about Silo and immediately liked the idea of using a cloud-based browser as a secure container for web-based apps."

What problem were you trying to solve with Silo?

One of our IT clients has operations both in the US and in China. Securing our data as users travel back and forth has been challenging. We wanted a solution that would address access issues, ensuring that users would be able to get to the web resources they need while in China. We looked at setting up our own VPN system, where